An overview in AI and path to Data Mining methods(part 1)

At the time, I wondered what would be left from my bachelor's period, So I started to write about my courses in an easy way to understand.

So to get to know about data mining techniques we should have a base knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. Here I wrote about AI from the book ‘Artificial intelligence book by Peter Norvig and Stuart J. Russell’ to better understand how AI algorithms or specifically data mining algorithms work. I will write in four sections to understand easier.

So with no time waste let’s dive into AI.


First of All, Let’s begin with this question What is Artificial intelligence?

AI has two goals:

  1. To understand the way of human think and understand
  2. To create smart behavior

There are 4 definitions for the Artificial intelligence textbook mentioned at the first, you can see down:

image1. Definitions came for AI in the AI textbook and their brief explanation at the bottom of the image

How to test machines' actions (Or thinking) to be like humans?

Turing Test: Turing test is a test that we can approach that there is a robot that is acting or thinking like humans.

How Turing test works?

  1. natural language processing: to be enabled to communicate.
  2. knowledge representation: to store information during the conversation.
  3. automated reasoning: to use the stored information to conclude and answer new questions.
  4. machine-learning: to adapt to new circumstances and patterns.

Note that the Turing test does not include physical parts and if we want to add physical tests to the Turing test we would name that Total Turing Test and a computer for Total Turing Test must have these two items too:

  1. computer vision to perceive objects.
  2. robotics so it can move.

So it was all it till now thank you for reading and if you want to know more you can read the next sections. I will post the next section within two or three days.

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